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These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Taste masking and bioavailability

We are searching for innovative technologies / ingredients / processes to mask the bitter, strong or unpleasant taste of compounds used in buccal and ingestible product formats, and improve the bioavailability of some poorly absorbed ingredients.

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Next generation automotive coating technologies

We are seeking innovative materials, coatings and processes to enable fully functionalised, active surfaces on a vehicle. These coatings are to assist the owner of the vehicle, to save cost and time for the manufacturer, or contribute to the health of the user or wider environment. This could include solutions to protect, encase, decorate, monitor and/or functionalise the structure or external surface of a vehicle.

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Improved polyolefin technologies

We are seeking step-change functionality in the manufacture of specific polyols and polyolefin materials by simplifying the creation, manufacturing and end of life processing, in addition to ways to differentiate their materials providing enhanced material performance for their customers.

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AI in consumer electronic devices

We wish to understand, review and implement new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), into our client's future consumer electronic products.

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Insulated ground floor systems & components

We are seeking new insulated ground floor systems for the domestic housing market and innovative new component parts e.g. Expanded Polystyrene alternatives.

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Technology concepts for new natural flavoured sparkling water beverages

We are seeking innovative ingredients, new processing technologies and product concepts to enable a step-change in the flavoured sparkling water market – e.g. to enhance the taste, nutritional profile or consumer experience.

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Sensation of sweetness search

We are seeking game-changing enabling technologies to increase the sensation of sweetness in beverages, with minimum/zero added calories.

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For Sale – UK company with water saving and flood proof tap product range.

We are seeking buyers for registered UK company that has invented, protected, developed and commercialised a novel water saving, non-concussive tap/faucet product range.

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