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Partner Focus – DeltaTech Korea Ltd.


Strategic Allies is connected with various organisations in the innovation community & will be doing “shout-outs” for a selection of these over the coming months – today it’s DeltaTech Korea….

DeltaTech Korea Ltd., (DTK) is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is a full service innovation management company, transferring and commercialising newly developed technologies.   The objectives of the organisation are to contribute to GDP growth by creating jobs and to promote technology commercialisation.

Seung Ho Lee started DTK in 2000, as a spin out from DeltaTech International (USA). Thanks to the technology transfer & commercialisation act brought into force in 2000, DTK had provided universities TTOs with patent portfolio audit, technology marketing and valuation. DTK had kept growing up to 2018, when lots of newly-entered innovation intermediaries made the technology brokerage market highly competitive.

Since then DTK has turned its eyes to international market, particularly in EU, USA, Singapore, China, Japan and Israel.  Currently the company is focussed on providing business support to start-up, small business and/or TTOs in South Korea covering the following areas:

Export Marketing Management

  • Market Research Studies and Reports
  • Third Party/Manufacturers Representative Services
  • Foreign Market Entry for Start-ups: POM(Proof of Market)/ POC(Proof of Concept)
  • Product and Commodity Sourcing
  • Soft-landing: Customer Validation, Representation, Business Networking, IPR registration, Office rental, Talents hiring etc.

Technology Transfer

  • Market Assessment Studies
  • Technology Marketing: Licensee/ Partner Search
  • Licensing Agreement Document Preparation
  • Joint R&D project development
  • Commercialisation Services for Corporate and Government Intellectual Property
  • Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance Facilitation
  • Patent Search Services

Technology Scouting

  • Patent and Technology Surveillance
  • Data Mining Services

DeltaTech Korea Ltd., started TEKTiTE, an online-based brokerage event, in 2020. When the pandemic prevented people from business trip, DTK has come up with a virtual event. TEKTiTE is an event platform which brings together global corporations, startups, universities, research institutes, intermediaries and investors. It aims at creating business opportunities between innovation seekers such as global corporations and solution providers like start-ups and/or TTOs.  In 2023 TEKTiTE drew 110 participants around the globe, held 40 B2B consultations and finally resulted in 5 R&I project partnership.

In addition, DTK puts into practice an open innovation platform, www.delbiznet.com(DBN), to promote co-operation profiles such as selling offers, buying requests and/or co-op proposals. DBN is a key asset to help foreign intermediaries facilitate correspondence to develop R&I projects over Internet 24/7.

DTK’s mission is “Change Technology into Market Internationally.” Thus DTK aims to expand business network for technology transfer beyond Korea. Currently DTK is looking for innovation intermediaries abroad which is willing to sign up for DBN and share cooperation profiles amongst network partners.

We are all looking forward to working with DeltaTech Korea in the 2020’s and beyond!

For further information on DeltaTech Korea, the DelBiz Network and TEKTiTE check out their website.