An alliance
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We use our established personal network to uncover real innovation opportunities, solve persistent technology problems and to fill “gaps” in your technology roadmap. The technology partner you need exists; they just don’t know you need them until you start a search.

Our services are highly customisable. Therefore to discuss exactly what you are looking for, or to explore if you aren’t yet sure, we would love to talk to you.

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Our Open Innovation Service

An Open Innovation Search (OIS) is a tailored, continuous worldwide trawl of innovative technology, product and other alliance orientated opportunities aimed at delivering business growth for our clients.

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Acquisition Search

An Acquisition Search is for companies seeking 'off market' acquisitions synergistic with their future plans & capabilities. A manageable, step-by-step methodology ensures geographic & industry coverage plus personal filtering to provide a short list of "warm" potential partners.

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Technology Solution Finder

Our Technology Solution Finder (TSF) engages with a diverse population, through our established contacts, in a step-by-step process to find the solutions to your specific, and particularly persistent technical problems, quickly delivering practical results.

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Landscape Report

Using SAL’s internal resources and robust international network of technology scouts, a Landscape Report provides you with an in-depth assessment of a technology and/or market area of your choice, to identify and evaluate the current and developing status of relevant opportunities.

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Opportunity Radar

An Opportunity Radar employs all our internal & external resources to deliver initial details on an agreed number of ‘new to market’ opportunities per month, in areas of your choice, for quick review. It allows you to see ‘the dynamics of NPD in the market and what others are doing’ confidentially.


Expert Search

Whether it be to develop a new product feature, a new market or problem solving, finding the right external advisor/expert can be a problem. An Expert Search will uncover, interview and deliver filtered summaries of appropriate SMEs with recommendations as to their suitability, without disclosing your problems / intentions to a wider community.

Markets Served

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Advanced peptide technologies for skin moisturising.
  • Digital ID technologies to ‘recognise’ genuine product consumable .
  • Transparent tea bag filtration materials, to cost requirements.
  • ‘Washing’ without or with limited water resources.
  • Dispensing technologies for two-part teeth whitening product.
  • Measure hair health/damage and provide consumer feedback.
  • Wellbeing start-ups into Asia and USA.

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Technologies to ‘refresh’ clothing/personal garments – removing smells & killing bacteria.
  • Technologies to ‘keep liquid (coffee) hot and conditioned for 2 hours after brewing’.
  • Technologies to remove pesticides from food to be prepared.
  • Non-invasive pain relief technologies.
  • Devices to detect and eliminate body odour and ensure fresh breath.

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Techs for rapid micro-structural analysis of formulated materials.
  • Industrial process to remove/extract proteins from polyphenols.
  • Real-time environmental monitoring for life science industry.
  • Automated weighing, labeling & control of in-manufacture therapeutics
  • High Throughput screening capabilities.

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Experienced beverage development and manufacturing partners for RTD functional shot
  • Ingredient and/or process to reduce loss of flavour volatiles from ingredients in a snackfood.
  • Packaging materials suitable for different “on the go” cooking, heating & eating processes.
  • Novel solutions to effectively extend the ambient shelf-life of baked products
  • Replacement for nitrides in the traditional meat curing process.
  • Technologies to influence the perception of sweetness in beverages for consumers.
  • Descaling technology for professional coffee machines

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Monitor, control & protect product movement through high-speed manufacturing process.
  • AI & Mach Learning combined with PID Servo motor placement.
  • Identification and recognition of various textile materials for QA and ongoing processing.
  • Image processing software / algorithms for face recognition and modification.
  • Management of dust / feedstock material in open 3D printing environment.

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Tech for the removal, capture or catalysis of 1-3 butadiene.
  • Methods to optimise a thermal cracking / conversion process.
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring & VOC acquisition search.
  • Functional Polyolefin materials for use in technically demanding niche applications.
  • Toll supplier of Super Critical CO2 extraction process.

Examples of searches undertaken

  • Small footprint desalination plant for on-platform use
  • Anti-fouling solutions for heat exchangers
  • Improvements in network for better use of steam / fuel gas surplus
  • Heat recovery from relatively low temp process streams

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