An alliance
is what
we make
of it

We use our established personal network to uncover real innovation opportunities, solve persistent technology problems and to fill β€œgaps” in your technology roadmap. The technology partner you need exists; they just don’t know you need them until you start a search.


Our Open Innovation Service

An Open Innovation Search (OIS) is a tailored, continuous worldwide trawl of innovative technology, product and other alliance orientated opportunities aimed at delivering business growth for our clients.

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Acquisition Search

An Acquisition Search is for companies seeking 'off market' acquisitions synergistic with their future plans & capabilities. A manageable, step-by-step methodology ensures geographic & industry coverage plus personal filtering to provide a short list of "warm" potential partners.

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Technology Solution Finder

Our Technology Solution Finder (TSF) engages with a diverse population, through our established contacts, in a step-by-step process to find the solutions to your specific, and particularly persistent technical problems, quickly delivering practical results.

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Pilot as a Service (PaaS)

A large majority of awesome open innovation findings, remains unexplored. It’s a pity! With Pilot as a service we help you bring proof to the table how to capture the untapped opportunity in your open innovation findings in ways that contribute to the future success of your company in three steps; Understand, Design & Deliver. We do this with more than 15 years of experience in bringing innovation to market using Design thinking & Lean start-up.

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People do deals, not computers

We believe it's people from diverse backgrounds combining vision, experience, enthusiasm, drive with focus that do innovation deals. Not computers matching organisations.

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