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Landscaping Services


Anticipating and understanding the implications of rapid technological progress on product and service value is a critical aspect of strategic decision-making.

Undertaking a landscaping study is essential for identifying disruptive technologies, anticipating trends, expanding into new markets, and gaining a competitive edge. This process simplifies complexities by assessing readiness, performance fit, maturity, regulations, and product comparisons to steer strategic technology investments in line with your business objectives.


Technology landscaping

Answering questions like Is this the right tech to invest in?…. Who else is operating in this area?… should we partner with them? … Whose tech appears to be at the cutting edge of acceptance?… What are the opportunities and threats surrounding this tech?…


The dynamic nature of technological innovation can shape a business in diverse ways, impacting success. Thoroughly assessing the impact of specific technologies empowers businesses to make informed choices on investments, ultimately shaping their success.


Case studies


Market landscaping

Answering questions such as … How big is the market?… What factors are influencing market size? …Who else is operating in this area?… Is this market one where we can derive significant revenue?… over what time horizon? …. and at what scale?…. Who are the main players currently and which are those emerging?… Why are they emerging, what differentiates them?…Are there alternative markets that are more attractive?…

Market landscapes are similar in approach to technology landscapes, but focus on a market of your choosing (current or potential). By delving deep into this space, gathering valuable insights, and shaping your organisation’s strategic approach accordingly, you can significantly elevate your chances of achieving commercial success.


Case studies


Why Strategic Allies Ltd (SAL)?

Employing an iterative process that integrates secondary and primary research, we meticulously gather data and insights to address our clients’ critical questions in targeted technology areas or markets. This robust methodology, supported by direct interactions with primary sources from our broad network of international associates and experts, ensures a thorough understanding of technology and market landscapes, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.


Leveraging SAL’s extensive network of over 1500 international associates and experts, developed over the last 20 years, ensures a wealth of diverse perspectives. When necessary, our research team supplements this pool with additional experts to enhance the depth and quality of insights. It allows us to identify technologies that are pre-commercial or ‘under the radar’ but also to connect with key opinion leaders to gather intelligence on, for example, disruptive technologies or unmet needs of the industry etc. It builds upon our internal mantra that “People do deals – not computers.”


For our large corporate clients, we provide in depth analysis and insight. This can run to 100+ slide ppt decks with the defendable, strategic insight that allows decisions to be made.  All this work includes regular check-ins with our client so we can remain aligned on the job in hand and it also provides the opportunity for your team to learn about the space. Additional workshops can also be arranged.


These landscapes usually take 2-6 months. To complement these larger pieces of work we can also deliver short (2-4 week) landscapes that are much more focussed on answering specific questions posed by our clients (more about these here).

Finally, equipped with expertise in open questioning and empathy, our highly skilled team adeptly uncovers hidden opportunities worldwide. Our services cater to companies encountering unresolved issues without the necessary resources, offering project-by-project engagement as needed.


Our services are highly customisable. Therefore to discuss exactly what you are looking for, or to explore if you aren’t yet sure, we would love to talk to you. Contact us at john@strategicallies.co.uk