Business Opportunities

These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Upcycling mixed plastic waste

We are seeking UK companies and organisations that are developing products and materials that incorporate mixed plastic and metal waste as part of a circular economy.

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Mouth delivery devices and prototypers

We are seeking prototype(r)s of packaging / delivery devices for application / deposition of a formulation into the mouth.

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Nutraceutical expertise

We are seeking consultants, recognised scientists and research organisations with expertise in the design and formulation, and subsequent validation of resulting nutraceutical formulations.

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Mild processing of plant-based raw materials

We are searching for partners / expertise in the mild (sustainable and/or solvent- free) processing of plant-based raw materials that could enable the future production of oils/fats and proteins suitable for the food industry.

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Meat flavouring and preserving technologies

We are searching for a step-change in solutions to replicate the meat curing process (and subsequent physical appearance/flavour) without the use of added nitrites/nitrates.

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Chewing gum suppliers

We are seeeking experienced chewing gum suppliers (private label, white label or developers).

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Processing bag supplier

We are seeking established suppliers of a flexible, durable packing bag able to hold raw materials (solid vegetable matter) for processing at elevated temperatures.

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Crushable capsule suppliers

Seeking suppliers of crushable capsules that can encapsulate a wide spectrum of hydrophobic and hydrophilic flavours.

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