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Partner Focus – AgriThority


Strategic Allies is connected with various organisations in the innovation community.  This includes universities, research centres, business support organisations and businesses from large multi-national corporates through to innovative start-ups.  Some of these organisations work across industry sectors and others are more focused in particular sectors.  AgriThority® is one such organisation that has an industry focus & you can probably tell by the name, that theirs is all things agriculture!

AgriThority® is a leading agricultural business, market, and product development company providing a wide range of business support services to companies in the Food and Agriculture sectors. The company has scientific product, business and market expertise and provides a range of services in Business, Product and Market development. The services are focussed on helping businesses accelerate from innovation in the research laboratory through development stages to market launch around the world.

AgriThority® is a family owned business, headed up by President & Founder Jerry Duff, with Co-owner Mary Jane Duff heading up Strategy & Marketing.  The company was founded in 2008, with company headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.  The company has continued to grow over the subsequent years, adding technical and business expertise to the team, building up a world-wide presence and partner network.

Here are some case studies to illustrate the types of services that AgriThority provide:

Setting a New Standard in Seed Treatment – AgriThority worked with their client, a global research company, to develop the data and technical information required for launching new insecticides and pesticides.  Check out the video for further details.

Taking the Point – An AgriThority client was planning to launch products in new geographical territories.  Agrithority was able to provide the client with support in the new territories, undertaking:

  • Product & field development trials
  • Regulatory Services
  • Project Management

To see the full case study, watch the following video.

AgriThority® has teamed up with Viewpoint, a US television program hosted by Dennis Quaid,  to create captivating short-form documentary segments focused on groundbreaking advancements in the field of Agriculture. This strategic partnership aims to enlighten and educate the public about the latest technologies and innovations shaping the agricultural industry.  You can find out more about the partnership on the Viewpoint project website.

We are all looking forward to working with AgriThority® in the 2020’s and beyond!

For further information on AgriThority®  check out their website.

Image courtesy of Agrithority