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Growth Through Innovation Partnering

We use our network of international technology scouts to uncover real innovation opportunities for our clients. These may address your technology problems, gaps in your future technology roadmap or other innovation areas for diversification or extension.

What we do

We help manufacturing companies find their next breakthrough technologies, the best international partners to innovate and connect with, and provide global market access.

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Who we are

Our company is our people, a diverse team of individuals with extensive experience. We choose to remain a small yet focused team and we believe that people do deals, not computers.

Know Our Team

If you are an inventor, a university tech transfer office, a VC or indeed you just want to be part of our innovation community, we would love to talk with you.

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The Secrets Underpinning the Methodology of a Technology Scouting Company

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The future of innovation is serious .... play!

Serious play is no oxymoron—it’s an emphasis on how serious innovation can be, and how play allows us to innovate more effectively, more quickly and more impactfully.

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Putting the ‘personalised’ into personal care

A review of the advances and some current technologies deployed by large beauty brands to appeal to today’s consumers’ by...

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Innovation in Encapsulation

What is happening in the world of encapsulation?

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