Our company is our people and our connections

A perfect summary of our unique position.


We bring a diverse team of experienced and knowledgeable people that are customisable to each project,  able to build trust, discover insights and deliver solutions to our client’s problems or present them with practical options for their future growth.  Our team all have science backgrounds with education (degrees and PHDs) in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Biology, Pure Mathematics, Materials Science, Electronic Engineering, Physics and Mechanical Engineering and Statistical Science to name a few.  Whilst all working in Technology Scouting now, we have a wide range of industry experience including: Analytical Chemistry, Oncology, Immunology, Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Consumer Technology, the Energy industry and many more sectors.   

Picture of John Allies

John Allies

Managing Director

As founder of SAL, John is passionate about delivering business growth for its clients. John has been instrumental in building and consolidating our extensive network of worldwide contacts and global client companies. He works with clients to understand their confidential technological and business requirements, and supports them to secure the most appropriate opportunities. He has almost 30 years international experience of delivering business growth strategies through licensing and strategic alliances in various sectors including aerospace, communications, automotive, petrochemicals and construction, both from within manufacturing companies and outside them. John is an honours graduate in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Sheffield University, has an M.B.A. from Warwick University, England and is a Mentor for The Princes Trust. When not helping clients, John is at his happiest climbing up mountains or skiing down them.

Picture of Vicki O'Brien

Vicki O'Brien


Vicki heads the Fulfilment team, responsible for delivering technology-led opportunities and market knowledge to our clients, and ensuring that SAL can consistently meet and exceed their expectations. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Vicki has worked with a diverse network of providers on highly technical searches for worldwide clients and works hard to ensure a dynamic, positive engagement between clients and technology providers, essential for successful interactions. Well known for her tenacious and talented research skills, plus attention to detail, Vicki is instrumental in ensuring we provide the highest possible standards of service to our clients. When not at work, Vicki is happiest running around a hockey pitch or trying to snowboard down a mountain!


Over twenty years we have built a robust and dynamic network of individuals around the globe. They could be scouts themselves, consultants, tech transfer agents at research organisations or universities, people connected into SME sectors or larger companies, tech directors, start-up networks, incubators, inventors … indeed all sorts of people but their focus is always delivering technology, partner-based deals. Our network allows us to identify the most appropriate industry experts, key opinion leaders and technology owners for our broad range of landscaping and scouting projects.  Our personal engagement ensures that our clients have comprehensive commercial and technical data and insights, customised for each and every challenge.