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Tandem Launch – SAL Partner Focus


We’re connected with various organisations involved in the Innovation community worldwide & will be doing “shout-outs” for a selection of these over the coming months – today it’s Tandem Launch….

TandemLaunch is a startup foundry and seed fund based in Montreal that works with driven entrepreneurs to turn research from the world’s best universities into exceptional technology companies. Since 2010, TandemLaunch has created over 32 ventures who have collectively raised over $150M in capital and are valued at over $500M. The diverse TandemLaunch team came together through a passion for building companies that shape the future, and has since built an extensive, global network of industry and university partners. TandemLaunch does more than just invest – the company brings together industry, inventors, founders and investors.

Taking a unique approach to building start-ups, TandemLaunch identifies industry problems, scouts for technologies to solve them, and then assembles a team to build a company. TandemLaunch’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) Program is designed to provide aspiring technical entrepreneurs the unique chance to build a deep-tech start-up company around an early-stage university technology. Over the course of the program, TandemLaunch supports EiRs in their search for a co-founder and a technology. The company provides pre-seed financing, infrastructure, office space and, most importantly, expertise and mentorship to guide entrepreneurs through their journey to building a successful startup. This journey will lead the entrepreneur, as a co-founder, to designing a prototype, building a team, recruiting a seasoned CEO, and raising early-stage investment – all while being supported by TandemLaunch’s diverse and experienced team. At the end of the program, EiRs graduate with their own deep tech startup.

If you or someone you know is a Ph.D. with a track record in STEM, with an interest in building a tech start-up, TandemLaunch’s  Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program is a great opportunity!

Learn more about the start-up program here