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Technology or Partner Scouting


The primary objective of these projects is to seek out partners offering solutions for complex technical issues related to products or processes or to identify partner technologies that can set your products apart and facilitate market entry.
Through our in-house research and extensive global network, we find and connect with the most appropriate companies and organisations, often outside a client’s area of expertise or market sector, to uncover, assess and validate solutions that may not be within the client’s usual scope.
For more than two decades, our service has evolved from a primary focus on new product sourcing to partnering with companies to address complex technical challenges and leverage innovative technologies. Our recent emphasis has been on sustainability and circularity, utilising our extensive network to provide clients with valuable insights and solutions.
Through our tailored approach, we consider a range of criteria, from technology specifics to market readiness to ensure a perfect match for your project’s needs and strategic objectives. Our approach fine-tunes the results and significantly enhances the alignment with your business objectives.


Why Strategic Allies Ltd (SAL)?

In addressing client inquiries, we tap into a multitude of information sources. Our robust 20-year network serves as a vital platform for obtaining top-tier primary insights, regardless of the technology, market, or sector. Through this network, we not only discover pre-commercial technologies but also engage with key opinion leaders to gather intelligence on disruptive technologies and industry gaps.
Our highly qualified team is skilled in the art of open questioning, allowing us to unveil hidden opportunities worldwide. Working hand-in-hand with clients, we deliver a pipeline of potential solutions or opportunities and support them through the filtering process to identify the most suitable options.
Embracing the mantra “People do deals – not computers,” we prioritise engaging in conversations with individuals worldwide. While this approach may be resource-intensive, we firmly believe it leads to more meaningful interactions and is the optimal method to access, uncover, and filter opportunities for our clients.
Although companies use us regularly, our services are ideal where you have an issue you can’t resolve but don’t have the resources to find a solution. We can be engaged on a project-by-project basis only when you need us!
Our services are highly customisable. Therefore to discuss exactly what you are looking for, or to explore if you aren’t yet sure, we would love to talk to you. Contact us at john@strategicallies.co.uk


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