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Treeva, is a young innovative, UK-based company, that has developed highly efficient turbines that can be deployed at roadsides & by railways to generate renewable energy from the turbulent airflow of passing vehicles/trains.

Anjali Devadasan, co-founder & CEO of Treeva, is an engineering graduate of Imperial College London and is passionate about being able to do her bit to make a positive impact on the environment and mitigate climate change through the use of technology. Anjali had an initial idea for generating energy when she was at school, which has remained with her and given her inspiration for founding Treeva. Yu Gu, co-founder and CTO, has led the development of this idea and technology with Anjali.

Treeva’s turbines can make transport systems greener by generating renewable energy from passing transport.  The transport sector has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector, accounting for 37% of global emissions. With rising energy demands, there is an increasing risk of blackouts and brownouts, so renewables must be used to match this demand and reduce the rapid carbon emissions of the sector. For example, the UK’s rail traction continues to produce 3 mega tonnes of CO2, the same as 2019-20, which does not align with the railway’s net-zero strategy.

The team at Treeva have developed highly efficient vertical-axis turbines, which generate renewable energy from roadside and railway side turbulence. The small 2m-high modular design is low-cost to install and maintain on the side of roads/railways. It makes use of readily available land and powers transport infrastructure, such as train lines and EV charging stations, to create net-zero transport systems.  Treeva’s intellectual property is in the turbine design, which provides the unique high energy efficiencies of the turbine.

In the meantime, Treeva are continuing to move forward with pilot projects at both roadside and on the rail network, with partners, to demonstrate the concept and iron out the various integration challenges in linking their devices to energy storage solutions and the power networks. Treeva have high hopes from the pilots – given that energy generated by the turbulence of trains is more predictable than wind or sun!  Every year, just five turbines would generate 56,600 kWh, whilst saving approximately 12,450 kg of carbon emissions, assuming average windspeeds and high train speeds.

The Treeva team have been busy engaging with the innovation community and have been very successful in the competitions and programmes they’ve taken part in.  Here are just a few examples:

The brilliant work they’ve achieved so far has been funded by these competitions and grants. It’s exciting, early days for Treeva, and they are currently raising investment, looking for advisors and potential transport customers.  Treeva would welcome contact from and introductions to potential partners and investors!

We wish Treeva every success with the next stage of their development.  You can find out more about Treeva and their latest progress on their website.

Images courtesy of Treeva