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The Tyre Collective

The Tyre Collective is  an  award winning  start-up with a mission to mitigate tyre wear emissions in our environment .  You may not be aware, but tyre wear is the stealthiest and second-largest source of microplastic pollution in our air and water.   Tyre wear accounts for  up to 50% of air particulate emission  from road transport.  

The Co-founders, Hanson Cheng, Hugo Richardson, Siobhan Anderson and Deepak  Mallya began the project as part of their MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. They are a multicultural team of engineers and designers with a wide range of professional experience.  

The Tyre Collective mitigate emissions by capturing tyre wear at the source to ensure clean air, safeguarding our environment and health.   They have developed a device that directs and captures charged tyre particles - carbon in rubber particles are charged as they tear  off of  the tyre.     The device is positioned close to where the tyre meets the road.  On the test rig, the  device currently captures 60% of all airborne particles. 

You may have come across The Tyre Collective as they have been racking up the awards.  They  are  the  National Winner (UK) of the 2020  James Dyson Award  and  will  have the chance of going forward to the international  round of the competition.  They also  won the  Moonshot  Prize,  in the  2020  Venture Catalyst Challenge  (VCC),  for challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries of innovation.  The VCC competition is run by Imperial Enterprise Lab, for students and  alumini  and powered by Blenheim  Chalcot.  They also  won the Environment Award in  the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Programme!  

We will certainly be watching the progress of the team!