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TGO  (previously known as Tangi0), have developed a platform technology to create novel tactile control products.  We came across TGO when we were looking for  innovative materials, coatings and processes to enable fully functionalised, active surfaces on a vehicle.  

TGO was founded in 2015, with Co-founder Ming Kong leading research and development for the technology’s hardware.   The  technology  is used  for making interactive 3D controls that are ergonomic, intuitive and engaging  and  can  replace complicated networks of electronic sensors with one uniform, flexible, touch-sensitive material. 

TG0 offers a platform technology replacing electronic sensor networks with one flexible conductive material that senses touch.   TG0 have developed and  patented  a  platform sensing method to mould a conductive material’s surface profile and internal structures to regulate electrical signal behaviour, so a computer can detect touch location, speed and pressure from a single piece of electrode. This is fundamentally different from existing matrix-based sensor methods.     The sensing technology, together with proprietary algorithms and machine learning software methods,  makes this a unique application.  

TGO are focusing on the automotive sector, IoT and computer peripherals  and also  undertake bespoke developments.  We’re looking forward to  see what TGO do next!