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We came across RVmagnetics in 2020, when we were looking for various sensors for compact hand-held consumer devices.

The company was founded by Prof. Rastislav Varga, now Chairman of the Board and CTO, in 2015. Prof Varga is very much the expert! He has over 25 years of research in basic and applied magnetism, is a Board member of the European Magnetism Association and is also a member of the European Physical Society.

So what is special about MicroWire sensors? They are magnetic contactless sensors of physical quantities, e.g. temperature, pressure, pull, mechanical stress, torsion, magnetic field, position, etc. The sensors are similar in diameter to a human hair, which allows them to be easily embedded in other materials without changing the properties of that material. In addition to the miniature size, they are also biocompatible, which lets them be embedded into hazardous environments. For example, this allows them to be embedded into composites and also to be used for healthcare/medical implants in the human body.



We came across a great article in Composite World, by Ginger Gardiner, that goes into a lot more depth about how the sensors can be embedded into composites – worth a read for the technical detail.

Contactless measuring is based on MicroWire technology and magnetic fields, with no need to power the sensor. Sensors can withstand harsh acidic and alkaline environments, provide accurate data for a period longer than a lifetime, and survive temperatures up to 600 degrees without losing their accuracy. Sensors can produce accurate data even when placed in a noisy electromagnetic environment.

The unique properties, in terms of the magnetization process as well as in terms of the mechanical properties, makes them suitable elements for sensing various physical quantities in a wide range of engineering applications in a range of industries including: IoT, Industry 4.0, Structural Health Monitoring, Automotive, Aerospace, Smart materials, Healthcare, Anticounterfeiting area, etc.

RVmagnetics have partners in various technology sectors as well as industry sectors. One such area is the Energy sector, in particular batteries! Batteries are becoming increasingly important for energy storage, for us all and there’s a lot of investment going into battery research and development. The UK Research & Innovations β€œFaraday battery Challenge”, with Β£318 million of funding, is just one example of investment in the sector.

There are a number of known problems with batteries, thermal management being one of these. The RVmagnetics sensors are very well suited to being used within batteries and can be used to perform the job of predictive maintenance, including thermal management. Check out the RVmagnetics Blog article on β€œSelf-monitored, safe and smart batteries”.

And please take a look at the RVmagnetics website to find out more about the company.

We look forward to see what RVmagnetics does next!

Published April 2021