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Phyto Corp

Phyto Corporation is a food-tech start-up that has  created  “PhytoSalt” a  plant-based salt that can reduce sodium intake by 20%.  

We recently came across Phyto Corporation during a client search for innovative  Food Tech  start-ups.  The company is headed up by Duke Kim, Founder & CEO, and is based in South Korea. 

The company has developed the world’s first 100% plant-based salt, “PhytoSalt,” by extracting salt from Salicornia, a plant containing a large amount of salt.  PhytoSalt  is naturally low sodium salt that can reduce sodium intake by 20% because, in addition to NaCl (sodium chloride),  PhytoSalt  contains a lot of mineral salts like  KCl , MgCl2 and CaCl2, which contributes to its salty taste. So,  PhytoSalt  is effective on high blood pressure.  


The company has developed other innovative products including a new superfood ingredient, “PhytoMeal,” that is effective in reducing body fat, functional food products such as  “PhytoMemory” a dietary supplement, and “MemoryTea”, a Ready-to-Drink  tea, which  is  good for memory - all  from  the  Salicornia plant.   

Phyto Corporation is being recognised for its innovative products & was recently selected as an innovative company in the biotechnology sector in the “CAC Global Summit 2020” by Seoul metropolitan government.  

You can find out more on their website and on You Tube: 

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