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OGT – One Good Thing

We first met with One Good Thing (OGT) back in the middle of 2022 – at that time the company was known as Nurhu, based at at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, UK, and in the process of launching their first product, a range of energy bars with edible packaging.

Just to recap…..

It all began in 2018 when a cycle ride left Mike Bedford gob-smacked at the amount of litter and plastic present in the otherwise beautiful British countryside, just a snapshot of a wider global problem. He knew that despite best intentions, lots of people don’t find a bin to dispose of their litter, instead Mike imagined a world where people simply wouldn’t need to…what if there was an edible replacement to plastic entirely? From this idea, the beginnings of a vision-led Father and Son founded business were born, as Daniel Bedford stepped in and prepared to use his scientific background to make his Dad’s crazy idea a reality. Daniel then undertook 3 years of researching and developing a solution. The outcome? He successfully created the world’s first snack and protein bars with a completely edible, 100% natural coating.

Eliminating the need for a plastic wrapper altogether, OGT’s bars are wrapped in a completely edible beeswax-based coating, protecting and preserving freshness without a trace of plastic. Inspired by nature, just like an apple, the bars are waterproof and can be given a rinse under the tap! The bars are raw, cold-pressed and use only 100% natural ingredients. The result? No plastic waste. For every box of 12 bars sold, 12 plastic wrappers are kept out of our environment. A small change with a big impact.

Mike & Daniel Bedford

Trying to find edible alternatives to traditional plastic packaging has literature stretching back over 30 years. Using a beeswax-based coating was a real breakthrough after trying a plethora of natural compounds such as sugars, proteins, algae, lipids and even compounds from the cuticle of plants! Daniel then looked for ways to produce their product and found that there was no technology on the market that could produce it. Therefore, he had no choice but to design this manufacturing technology. This all means OGT now have a world’s first product and proprietary manufacturing technology to produce it.

So wind on time 2 years……

In August 2023, the company rebranded as One Good Thing to connect with a broader audience. From runners to cyclists, commuters to office workers, people everywhere began to see how easy and delicious it could be to make a positive impact. OGT bars became a simple, tasty way for everyone to reduce plastic waste, one bite at a time.

Also in 2023, OGT relocated from Rothamsted to a larger facility in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. This strategic move supported the company’s ambitious growth plans, providing a significantly expanded production facility to meet increasing demand. The new premises also enabled OGT to welcome additional staff, further enhancing their capability to innovate their tasty snacks.

In the first half of 2024, OGT has had a fantastic opportunity to showcase the brand and educate their audience about the proposition via D2C (“Direct to Customer”) marketing.  OGT are having fun with their marketing and have recently been trying some  “guerilla” tactics at the Google office in the UK, in advance of a B2B launch in the next 9-12 months. Do check their Tiktok account @weareogt to see more.

The company is looking for an investment partner to continue to develop and scale up their cutting-edge technology, with a vision to take as much plastic out of the food industry as possible. OGT has a vision for eliminating as much plastic waste as possible, and with the technology, the sky is the limit. They are looking to spark up conversations with potential investors to scale the brand, giving ever more consumers a plastic-free snacking solution.  If this is of interest then please contact Stephen Hann Stephen.hann@weareogt.com or Daniel Bedford Daniel.bedford@weareogt.com.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what OGT do next!

You can find out more information on the OGT products on the OGT website.  Why not give them a try!

Images courtesy of One Good Thing