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Nurhu Technology

Ryeharvest Limited is one of our fellow tenants at Rothamsted Enterprises.  Ryeharvest have just launched their first product Nurhu, a range of energy bars with edible packaging.

Ryeharvest  was founded in 2018 by Mike Bedford, a keen cyclist.  On Mike’s cycle rides around the local countryside, he was amazed by the amount of litter being produced and wanted to do something about it, to try and maintain the beautiful  British countryside. A team was constructed and two years later the first packaging-free bar was born!

Nurhu bars don’t have a plastic wrapper, meaning they can be enjoyed without creating any litter.   The energy bars are covered with a “glaze”, a biopolymer which is made entirely from organic, plant-based ingredients and is also free of allergens.


Nurhu cereal bar with hand

The product was developed by Daniel Bedford and Małgorzata Sobieralska, over a period of 2 years.  The product design morphed from the initial idea of flat sheets, into the product you can see in the images today.  The glaze or coating they have developed for the energy bars, is washable, waterproof, edible and robust.  Absolutely everything is edible, including the label, which is made from rice paper and edible inks!

Sustainability is very important to the company and they are minimising their carbon footprint as much as possible.  Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible in the UK, from suppliers with a low carbon footprint themselves.   The manufacturing process to create the bars is simple and low energy – the ingredients are simply mixed and pressed.  The company also use recycled and recyclable materials where possible, including for all of their promotional materials.


Nurhu 4 products

So, what’s next?  Although they have lots of ideas for their next products, the team are currently focussed on promoting the range of Nurhu bars and are targeting the active community including runners and cyclists.  If you’re in the North Home Counties watch out for them at local events.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what Ryeharvest do next!

You can find out more information on the Nurhu products on the Nurhu website.

If you would like to know more about this fascinating company, please contact John Allies at john@strategicallies.co.uk


Images courtesy of Ryeharvest / Nurhu.