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Molecular Plasma Group

Molecular Plasma Group (MPG) has developed a cold atmospheric plasma technology which is  very different to other technologies that that we’ve seen in this space.  We  came in contact with  Marc Jacobs, CEO of MPG, during our research for a client project.  

Currently, the main application of their  MolecularGRIP™ technology is priming of difficult-to-bond materials such as Teflon, polyolefins but also metals and cellulose-based materials.   They do this by grafting a desired functional group (amines, hydroxyl, epoxy, carboxyl, etc) onto the substrate which then reacts  with the adhesive bonding system.  The process is  environmentally friendly as it is solvent-free, has a very low energy consumption, uses no water and is virtually emission-free.  

Even more impressive is that because the technology is super-gentle and can use a wide range of chemistries, it can potentially also be used to help decontaminate as well as graft antiviral compounds onto sensitive Personal Protection Equipment such as mouth masks and surgical gowns, a path MPG is now exploring to contribute  in  the fight against the current COVID-19 crisis.  

Here’s an article about their technology in Materials World Magazine.  We recommend you also have a look at the technology videos on  their websit e and follow their  endeavours  on their  Linkedin  page.