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We met Julian Nolan, Founder & CEO of Iprova, recently and were fascinated by the company’s Invention Studio platform – a technology platform that enables the creation of inventions by identifying and connecting useful inventive signals from day-to-day social, market and technological advances.

Iprova, which has offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), London and Cambridge (UK), was founded by Julian Nolan back in 2010.  After working in the intellectual property (IP) sector for a while after leaving university, Julian realised that much invention and as a result, IP, was based on chance discoveries and chance encounters.  He realised that there was a lack of timely access to the right information and the inability to make the requisite connections between those pieces of data.  He concluded that a more data-driven approach was needed and founded Iprova.

Using advanced proprietary AI and other digital technologies, Iprova helps its clients to master the world’s technological, social and market advances in real-time to create new, commercially-relevant, breakthrough inventions. Iprova ingests millions of data points daily, from a multitude of websites and content sources, which then contribute to our repository of billions of data-points. From these, they sense those inventive signals which are relevant to the client’s area and interests.  They then apply advanced natural language processing and knowledge engineering techniques to filter and connect these signals, to generate an output that augments and amplifies the ability to create novel and valuable inventions aligned with the client’s goals.

You can find out more about Iprova and the Invention Studio invention platform here.

Iprova has a team of invention engineers who work alongside clients to help deploy the Iprova invention platform in their organisation.  Alternatively, some clients are provided with ready to use inventions to drive new products and patent portfolios.

Iprova’s clients are spread across a wide variety of business sectors, but they are united by their desire to invent more systematically, using a robust, reliable and repeatable process.

A new generation of Iprova’s invention platform was launched in May 2023. The new version of the software, Invention Studioevo brings about the long-overdue digital transformation of the worlds of invention and intellectual property (IP).  By deploying the latest generative AI technology, Iprova makes the process of invention quicker, easier and more efficient. It will also enable users to draw on inspiration from a broad spectrum of sources and, perhaps most importantly, open up the ability to invent, to a far wider set of people within an organisation.

Iprova has been working in the “invention” space for over 10 years now – check out their recent article – “Human invention. Where next?”  to get their thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence and humans can work together to effectively find new inventions.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Iprova and may well test out the technology at some point soon!