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Farther Farms


China, Russia and Eastern Europe lead the world in potato production, yet the US and Europe consume approx. twice the amount of frozen fries than these similar markets. This imbalance presents a gigantic market gap that frozen products have been slow to fill due to the cost and challenges of building reliable cold storage infrastructure.  Shelf stable french fries and potato products can unlock this global market access by leapfrogging previously needed cold chain infrastructure in countries already producing the raw material and with consumers demanding the finished products.

SAL is working with Farther Farms Inc, a well established US spinout from Cornell University, that has commercialised a novel food processing technology that produces a new category of value added, shelf stable potatoes products.



Farther Farms is a leader in applications and development of supercritical fluid pasteurization technology. With one of the largest SCCO2 production systems in the world, the company works to develop technologies and food products that solve foundation challenges in the global supply chain with a particular focus on expanding access, improving sustainability and enabling high-quality food products. The video below will explain more.



As a proof of concept and to increase early adoption, Farther Farms have produced an entirely new line of french fries that are 100% never-frozen with a shelf life of 90+ days at room temperature. Currently delivering product for the US food service sector they are now looking for partners to expand international manufacturing capacity and distribution into Europe and beyond. Once the french fries product line has been established the technology has the flexibility to be applicable to a vast array of otherwise frozen food products.


More information is available here in a recent Farther Farms press release.

If you have an interest in partnering with Farther Farms to manufacture and distribute their fries or for the capital equipment needed in Europe or you just want some more information on this fascinating technology, please contact John Allies at john@strategicallies.co.uk