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Better Nature Foods

Better Nature Foods is  a recent start-up  specialising in tempeh, a fermented plant-based protein source typically made from soya beans.  We met Better Nature earlier on this year, at an alternative protein event & were impressed with their ambition - to take tempeh to the mainstream!  

Better Nature was founded in 2018 by  Driando, Chris, Fabio and Elin – four plant-based eating enthusiasts.   Tempeh is a plant-based protein originating in Indonesia, made through fermenting cooked soya beans which then binds them into a meaty block that’s high in protein, fibre, naturally gluten-free and filled with prebiotics.    Better Nature  have developed an initial range of products, using both soy and lupin, which  includes  mince, rashers and smoked tempeh.  The products are currently available online and across a number of  retail locations.  

Better Nature raised £430k of seed funding earlier on this year, as it aims to take clean-label meat alternatives to the mainstream.  The company will use the funds to accelerate  new product development (NPD), including  research into making its products a complete source of nutrition by adding essential minerals and vitamins.  

You can find out more about Better Nature on their website.