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Barton Blakeley Technologies

Our Tech Spotlight for this month is Barton Blakeley Technologies, a recent start-up that is ramping up production of common industrial materials made via the conversion of waste carbon dioxide emissions.

Barton Blakeley is an advanced engineering organisation, based at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden, UK. Christopher Barton, CEO & Founder, started his career in the aerospace industry & has used scientific and industrial practices, to develop and deploy this reliable, low cost emission reducing technology.

Barton Blakeley’s carbon conversion system, Hyper Xi, is designed to use waste industrial emissions, such as carbon dioxide to produce products like XICOzA (a Barton Blakeley product), that replaces common industrial materials like Silica, Alumina and Titania. All materials which normally possess high energy and CO2 costs to manufacture. These materials are commonly found in everyday products like rubbers, tyres, silicones, glass, touchscreens, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, inks and more. Barton Blakeley is capable of matching or improving the characteristics of XICOzA vs the current supply material.

Barton Blakeley customises their material for each industry, providing characteristics such as super hydrophobicity, oleo and hydrophilicity, thermal & UV Resistance, improved dispersion making a seamless replacement material whilst giving the user the benefit of a better environmental footprint. The amount of carbon “captured” via XICOzA can easily be calculated & provided to customers. For example, 1 ton of XICOzA equals over 600Kg of CO2 directly converted and therefore stopped from being emitted.

The production costs for XICOzA are very low, so high value materials (e.g. industrial powders, fillers, nanomaterials and fuels) can be sold at very competitive prices. Barton Blakeley expects to begin manufacture from its newly built carbon facility in Hertfordshire in November 2021. On completion of the demonstration plant, they expect to be able to produce up to 6.5 tons of XICOzA material, capturing over 4 tons of waste CO2 from an industrial footprint of only 4 cubic metres.

You can find out more about Barton Blakeley and their technology on their website.

We look forward to seeing what Christopher & the team do next & wish them all the best for the future.