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Avokadio is a young company developing innovative wellness solutions, using breath analysis.  The start-up is based in Turkey and was founded by Yunus Konmaz (CEO), Ufuk Safak (CTO) and Dr. Gökçen Garipoglu. Dr Garipoglu is an assistant professor for dietetics and nutrition and is Avokadio’s scientific officer for developing their algorithm for nutritional recommendations.

Avokadio is helping those struggling to lose weight or those who want to keep fit and eat clean for a healthy life.  The company has developed a hand-held device that is used to measure a person’s metabolism with a single breath and provide nutritional advice based on insight data making wellness personal and easy. The device measures volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), including ketones, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ethanol, methane/hydrogen, iso-butane/propane, in the breath with sensors.  AI algorithms, developed by Avokadio, are then used to analyse the data on metabolism and the body, in order to provide recommendations.

Avokadio has recently taken part in BIG Bang  Start-up challenge which is organized by the Istanbul Technical University Technopark (ITU ARI Teknokent). The Big Bang Start-up Challenge is the leading and most prestigious organization in the Turkish technology innovation ecosystem. Avokadio was successful, being granted an award of 290.000 TL.  Well done Avokadio!

More details about Avokadio can be found on their website.