Checklist for technology / opportunity, inventors and IP owners.

We are often asked what it is we need to know in order to:

  1. submit your technology or invention to one of our existing search clients
  2. suggest how to actively help promote the technology or invention

And even when we’re not asked, it’s not very long before you will have to address these issues anyway – potential licensees will soon want to know! So the following is a checklist of the information we seek so that we can properly start to understand the technology (or product or opportunity) and its current status. This will help us decide whether it is a match with one of our clients’ requirements so that we can make the very best initial presentation to our client.

Technology Source

  • What’s the source of the technology?
  • Is it a private inventor / university / manufacturing company / research institute etc?
  • What’s the reason for the development of the technology?
  • Is there any background information available? (e.g. brochures, CVs, etc.)

Stage of Development

  • To what stage has the technology been developed?
  • Is it a concept only / first prototype / working prototype / fully developed but not commercial / product ready to launch / already on sale?
  • Are any samples available?
  • Is product literature / price data yet available?

Intellectual Property

  • What intellectual property protects the technology?
  • None / patent application / PCT / granted patent(s) / know-how / trademarks, etc?
  • Is evidence of the intellectual property available?

Details of published patent applications and granted patent numbers will enable us to locate the relevant information.

Existing Business

  • Is the product already on sale? If so, where is it currently being sold? UK / Europe / USA / worldwide / Internet sales only.
  • Can you tell us what volumes are currently sold and whether the sales are your own or through a distributor?
  • Are details of distributors / agents around the world available?

Preferred Type of Co-operation

  • We know it’s difficult without knowing the identity of our client, but what “in principle” is your preferred type of co-operation?
  • Mostly, our clients are open to all types of collaboration as may be most appropriate – sales & distribution / manufacturing / licensing / joint venture / acquisition / strategic alliance.

Literature available

  • What information are you able to provide non-confidentially?
  • Web-site / “glossy” brochures / electronic information / patents / samples / research data?