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What is ‘Beauty from within’?


Products that advocate “Beauty from within” comprise a category of nutritional ingredients often referred to as cosmeceuticals or nutricosmetics.

Nutricosmetics enter the marketplace through a variety of innovative nutraceutical products including functional food and beverages, all of which purport to beautify the body… from within.

The functional beverage market has grown exponentially over the last few years as busy consumers continually seek more convenient and economical ways to improve their health and wellness. It is an exciting new area of product development proving highly attractive to food and beverage entities worldwide.

Some of the market’s most popular functional beverages claim to improve digestion, enhance cognition and aid weight loss. A small yet increasingly popular sub-segment of functional beverages also make beauty claims such as boosting skin moisture, skin firmness and hair and nail strength.

But how effective are these functional beverages?

Are they as potent as their makers would have us believe – or are they just a passing fad? Our leading technology scouting team has their ears on the ground and has no shortage of resources from which to evaluate this innovative NPD.

This Elle Magazine article features opinions from experts on collagen drinks and delves into whether or not they are worth adding to one’s diet and monthly budget.

As part of searches undertaken for wellness-oriented clients in recent months, our eagle-eyed technology scouts have uncovered a number of products that can be considered part of the “Beauty Within” sector. Here, we present them to you:

Beauty Gourmet is a functional food and beverage company making self-care easier for women so they can stay healthy.

After using natural remedies to recover from an illness, Co-founder Kris Ravenscroft was inspired to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and curate a lifetime for herself of looking and feeling her best.

However, once her health crisis was over, she stopped taking care of herself – as there was simply not enough time in her day.  So, she decided to dedicate her life to making self-care more convenient, so no women would ever have to live without self-care’s critical benefits due to a lack of time.

Beauty Gourmet has developed a progressive range of Beauty drinks that they dub “Glitter Tea”, with flavours including Grapefruit Ginger Green Tea, Peach Vanilla White Tea and Black Cherry Rooibos Herbal Tea, and each offering Ayurvedic, Adaptogenic and Antioxidant properties. Some also contain Saberry, a powerful amla extract popular in the “Beauty Within” sector. Amla has been used for centuries for both radiant hair and skin, and full body wellness.

Feed Your Skin JV, S.L. / Beauty & Go is a part of the AMC Group, a family business founded in 1931 that is now a European leader in research and development, production and packaging of natural beverages and fresh value-added products.

Feed Your Skin has developed a range of Bioactive Beauty drinks containing MACRO-antioxidants®, extracted directly from fruit peel and then processed under a patent licensed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). In addition to collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid, Feed Your Skin claims their products – which are clinically tested and available as daily shots – provide the perfect balance of bioactive beauty ingredients needed for nourishment of the skin from within.

Consumer Comment: We asked Ashwini Joshi, Innovation Researcher at Strategic Allies and a “target Millennial” of this product category, to share her thoughts on this emerging trend.

“I definitely agree with the Elle article in that there is unfortunately a lack of hard evidence to support the benefits of functional drinks, which makes me somewhat sceptical to use them. Personally, I associate food and beverage more with nutrients for the body, and topicals for the skin/nails – and as such it doesn’t feel conventional to mix those around.

I am more attuned to the makeup and skincare products that are all about topical application (and no makeup or skincare gurus have really entered the drinks category). Additionally, whilst skincare and makeup have been around for a long time, the same can’t be said about collagen /“Beauty from Within” beverages. However, as with all new product developments, only time will tell.”

Market report: Despite scepticism voiced by beauty consumers and nutritionists – and the current COVID-19 economic downturn – the global Beauty Drinks Market is still forecast to grow.

Technavio predict a 2020-24 market growth of $161.17M during 2020-2024. Their latest report on the Beauty Drinks Market has just been published (20 August 2020) and you can find a summary here.

Technavio have stated the main driver for growth in the innovative Beauty Drinks market is the growing prevalence of premature aging – so perhaps we should have asked one of our more mature employees for their comment!


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Authors – Ashwini Joshi & Diane Kolonko – Strategic Allies Ltd