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The journey to a sustainable, manufacturing sector – Five recent SAL examples.


Strategic Allies Ltd has seen a big change in the last five years in terms of the focus of our client’s challenges. “Sustainability” was always on the agenda but it wasn’t a top priority. Today however 70% of our searches, across all sectors, are now directly focussed on the journey to sustainability. And even in the other 30%, sustainability is a hygiene factor i.e. however many solution we come up with they all have to be compliant with the client’s ESG strategy.

Whether you believe the refocusing is due to global consumer pressure or emerging national legislation the fact is that across all manufacturing sectors, the largest companies are now committed and firmly on their journey to delivering a sustainable future.

It certainly isn’t an easy road though and most of the companies are still in the early days of developing their sustainability capability, credentials and the internal skills to deliver them. Seeking solutions and opportunities outside of their core corporate competencies, the more innovative of these companies are relying heavily upon external scouting skills. These skills, developed over many years in the team at Strategic Allies Ltd, are both ideally suited and familiar with this type of non-linear challenge.

Amongst many other projects this year we have :

The journey to green can be a tortuous path but with help it can be an incredibly rewarding experience rather than a daunting one. With the end of the year looming, is it now time to start that journey and take the first steps with an experienced guide?

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