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Business Opportunities

These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Analytical expertise and ongoing interpretation of collected inertial data sets

We are seeking companies/consultants who can advise, provide insights and analyse inertial data and help direct future workstreams, ensuring our client is optimising their product development based on collected user data. 

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Scientific support with expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry

We are seeking proven competent scientific support with expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry to supply desk based activity on an ad hoc basis.

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Hair-derived health knowledge

We are seeking technologies, products and services to allow the consumer to measure, track and most importantly, understand their underlying health.

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Consumer products for the health and wellness sector

We are seeking emerging consumer products for the plant-based and personalised nutrition, beauty and personal care markets, which can be introduced into the USA, China or specific Asian markets such as Thailand and India.

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Potable water production equipment suppliers

We are seeking organisations able to help scale up production of membrane distillation systems for deployment globally and/or alternative thermally-driven water production technologies for further development

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Taste masking and bioavailability

We are searching for innovative technologies / ingredients / processes to mask the bitter, strong or unpleasant taste of compounds used in buccal and ingestible product formats, and improve the bioavailability of some poorly absorbed ingredients.

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Innovative tea brewing equipment for food outlets

We are seeking next-generation tea brewing / dispensing / delivery concepts, enabling technologies and product solutions to deliver better quality and higher value tea-based beverages in food service outlets.

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Analytical Laboratory services

We are seeking accredited analytical laboratories able to perform appropriate testing of cannabinoid-based materials.

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