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Business Opportunities

These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Processing bag supplier

We are seeking established suppliers of a flexible, durable packing bag able to hold raw materials (solid vegetable matter) for processing at elevated temperatures.

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Crushable capsule suppliers

Seeking suppliers of crushable capsules that can encapsulate a wide spectrum of hydrophobic and hydrophilic flavours

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Functional shots / beverage developer / manufacturer

We are searching for experienced beverage development partners whom our client can work with over the next 12 months to develop and launch a new functional shots product range.

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Consumer products to protect/enhance/measure immunity.

We are seeking innovative companies developing products focussed upon protecting, enhancing and measuring the immunity of consumers.

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Next generation identification & recognition technologies

We are seeking next generation identification technologies to ‘recognise’ genuine consumable and react specifically

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Building fundamental knowledge in Cannabinoid chemistry and effects

We are seeking to identify and engage with recognised scientists, research organisations, and suppliers of research tools working in the cannabinoid (and related compounds) global market.

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Analytical expertise and ongoing interpretation of collected inertial data sets

We are seeking companies/consultants who can advise, provide insights and analyse inertial data and help direct future workstreams, ensuring our client is optimising their product development based on collected user data. 

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Scientific support with expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry

We are seeking proven competent scientific support with expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry to supply desk based activity on an ad hoc basis.

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