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Flib – The plastic bottle pouring enhancement technology for licence


Have you heard of Flib?

Ever gone to pour yourself a glass of water and had most of it spill out instead? Flib is a packaging innovation that makes it easier to pour from plastic bottles. Watch this short video to see it in action:


All-Noor Goeffers and Zuaina Nizar, the creators of Flib, approached Strategic Allies Ltd. after they were inspired by watching their young daughter struggle to pour water from a large plastic bottle. Both young and old people can find it difficult to handle large bottles, often leading to accidental spills. Flib fixes this by giving bottles a spout that makes them much easier to pour.

Having worked as a designer, a naval architect and a mechanical engineer, All-Noor is an innovator passionate about how new technologies and green design can help the environment. Zuaina, his partner, is a solicitor and entrepreneur motivated by making daily life easier for everyone with eco-friendly, economical solutions.


lib is great for any plastic container that doesn’t contain carbonated liquids:

Particularly suited to mineral/flavoured water in stretch-blow-moulded PET bottles No increase in preform weight and thus no added cost Adapts to any existing design, with change only required at the shoulder to neck Same production method, which means no extra equipment or any reduction in filling rate No reduction in the bottle top’s load strength Clear marketing focus, as Flib makes using a bottle easy and hassle-free for all ages

The patented pouring technology gives plastic bottles with Flib a distinct advantage over the standard design. By making the bottle easier to pour, Flib transforms them from frustrating single-use containers into ones that can be reused and refilled as many times as needed, promoting zero waste.

Creanovate, the owner of Flib, is looking for business partners. If you want to know more about it and its commercial opportunities, please contact John Allies today at john@strategicallies.co.uk, or by phone at 07974 403530.