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Clashing cultures to deliver innovation at Innorockit!


Hackathon meets Deepdive with BIG and small companies collaborating to innovate.

We’ve all been to “Innovation Conferences” before and I know from conversations with many of our colleagues that you share some of my views i.e. that many represent the most un-innovative events we ever attend. This cannot be right…. can it?

Strategic Allies Ltd is not an events company, we are most definitely a team of technology scouts, but through professional frustration we have been driven to action by the current offering of mediocre, generalist, innovation events. We do occupy a fairly unique position though, sitting as we do between our large manufacturing company clients and the range of innovative start-ups, SMEs and inventors who represent the source of most of our innovation opportunities. Indeed we often find ourselves managing the relationships, expectations and concerns of both groups and therein sprang our conceptual idea for a new breed of innovation event.

Big companies want to perform BIG but think small. They want to be able to innovate quickly like their smaller compatriots, cutting through some of the bureaucracy that is inevitable within such organisations but then use their scale and scope to maximize profit. Small companies seek the LEVERAGE and INFLUENCE of their larger colleagues but dread loosing their valued, innate agility. Both the large and the small companies have their pros and cons and they each endeavour to manage these during their respective innovation processes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get big company thinking AND small company thinking to bear upon our own innovation problems? Well just maybe…….now you can.

Sitting between these two “dissimilar” groups of companies, SAL and our partners, Impact Innovation, will host a unique, experimental innovation event that maximizes the “Clash of Cultures” between groups, to address specific company innovation problems. Our event, we’re calling it Innorockit, will be focused around approx. five, four man teams from large, non-competitive companies who will each bring their own significant innovation challenges to be addressed during the event. Additionally there will also be another fifteen or so smaller teams from start-ups/SMEs/other cultures that will bring their own unique thinking to the event. Over two days we will harness these different approaches, dissect each of the five problems, bring new thinking to bear upon them and generate new potential solutions. Quite a big aim but we are confident that “Clashing the Cultures” will result in a very different lens on the problems faced and solution generated.

All of this will take place nowhere near a hotel or presentation podium. We are holding the event at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London again embracing a “clash of cultures” and involving several mature MSc Design students. “Death by PowerPoint” is vanquished. There will be seats but you will not be spending much time sat in them. Indeed we are intending this to be unlike any other innovation event you have ever been to. Sounds interesting …….?

At SAL we certainly believe that all of the innovation that is being undertaken around the world could benefit from this type of innovative thinking approach. If this sounds interesting please take a look at the event website, www.innorockit.com that is unlike any innovation event information you have ever seen before. This will provide a flavour of what to expect and if you fancy learning a little more just register your interest and I will send you further specifics such as cost, participating companies, dealing IP issues etc.

Is it time to be brave and to work with different colleagues, embracing different cultures and the innovation they can identify for your business?