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Our clients achieve

Growth Through Innovation Partnering

We use our network of international technology scouts to uncover real innovation opportunities for our clients, but we use their technical/commercial filters and do this anonymously to ensure they receive fully verified and relevant opportunities to rapidly progress their strategy.

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Our network ensures

People do deals

SAL recognises the value of personal knowledge of companies and individuals and can provide valuable market exposure to your clients, researchers, start-up portfolio or tenants, in addition to referral fees where appropriate.

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As a technology provider we can

Connect you to potential partners

We connect technology rich companies, research organisations or individuals with global manufacturing brands, actively searching for such partners to match an identified need…resulting in mutually beneficial business for both parties.

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Who we work with

Our clients are generally multinational manufacturing companies, across all sectors, who are seeking differentiation through partners with innovative technologies and solutions for their products and services.

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What we do

We search globally, assess and deliver rigorously filtered potential partners for our clients that can help them to solve challenging problems that they face, explore and exploit new markets and/or offer opportunities to differentiate their offerings.

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Who we are

We are a vastly experienced team of multidisciplinary technology and opportunity scouts working truly globally and across sector to deliver profit enhancing options for our clients.

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