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Business Opportunities

These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Insulated ground floor systems & components

We are seeking new insulated ground floor systems for the domestic housing market and innovative new component parts e.g. Expanded Polystyrene alternatives.

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Technology concepts for new natural flavoured sparkling water beverages

We are seeking innovative ingredients, new processing technologies and product concepts to enable a step-change in the flavoured sparkling water market – e.g. to enhance the taste, nutritional profile or consumer experience.

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Nano scale engineering coatings / surface treatments to protect electronic devices

Our client is seeking to improve waterproofing (to IPx7 and IPx8), anti-scratch and durable anti-fingerprint propreties of electronic devices by smart coating or surface treatment means. 

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Product design and development partners

We searching for product design and development partner to assist with end-to-end product development, providing access to specialist designers, engineers and scale up capabilities for rapid New Product Introduction (NPI).

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Sensation of sweetness search

We are seeking game-changing enabling technologies to increase the sensation of sweetness in beverages, with minimum/zero added calories.

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Strategic alliances in HVAC-R

We are seeking technology based strategic alliances with international companies in the HVAC-R and other synergistic sectors.

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Coatings to protect and enhance zinc diecast components

We are seeking a process / technology to improve the mechanical, functional and decorative finishes of zinc diecast components, or allow the use of alternative (lighter/cheaper) materials (e.g. aluminium, brass, engineered plastics) whilst minimizing hazardous waste and lowering production costs.

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Health food connection tool

We are seeking elements of a platform based on scientific knowledge that will assist users in personalising and optimising the nutritional value of their food intake. This will be delivered as a digital service through various channels, and could be teamed with input / output device manufacturers.

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