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Business Opportunities

These are a selection of current technology requests from our clients. If you have a solution to any please contact us so we can discuss the details with you.

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Band casting / drying capability

Seeking partners with band casting capabilities and associated expertise of developing and manufacturing products using this equipment.

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Coatings to protect and enhance zinc diecast components

We are seeking a process / technology to improve the mechanical, functional and decorative finishes of zinc diecast components, or allow the use of alternative (lighter/cheaper) materials (e.g. aluminium, brass, engineered plastics) whilst minimizing hazardous waste and lowering production costs.

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Supercritical (Carbon Dioxide) Extraction suppliers

We are seeking organisations with established Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) capabilities (using carbon dioxide) to extract a natural liquid concentrate from a leafy vegetable material.

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Increase hydrophobic capabilities of paper

We are seeking to improve the ability of paper products to resist water i.e. to increase the hydrophobic capabilities of paper.

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Flavour infuser / diffuser

We are seeking an efficient ‘infusion’ or dispensing technology capable of imparting one or more volatile flavour/aromas to a product when triggered by the end-user.

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Photodiode detector technology

We are actively seeking technology / products / partners in the area of photodiode detectors for operation in the infra-red spectral band between 2.5 μm – 5.5 μm (can be wider) for various instrumentation applications.

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Gas Microwave Spectroscopy

We are interested in connecting with researchers, institutes and companies working in the area of microwaves, with a view to investigating their applicability for commercial gas spectroscopy applications.

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Moisture management within packaging.

We are seeking an active packaging insert for a new product that requires moisture control / balancing.

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